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Ann Robinson, PhD Candidate, UMass History

Over the summer, I worked on a project with Kathie Gow of the Hatfield Historical Museum and our own Emily Redman.  The project, Understanding Medical Care in Early 20th Century Hatfield, was funded by a grant we applied for from Mass Humanities. The grant gave us the opportunity to interpret and analyze the medical collection at the Hatfield Historical Museum.  This collection is comprised of over 100 items, many of which are connected with Dr. Charles A. Byrne, who practiced medicine in Hatfield from 1895 to 1933.  Included in the collection are a wide variety of items, from medical tools and equipment to scrapbooks, to nursing exams and Dr. Byrne’s patient records. Throughout my work, I learned a lot about medicine and medical care in the first decades of the 20th century and I want to use this post to share a sampling of these.

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